According to Global Destination Cities Index issued by MasterCard, Bangkok was topped the index of most-visited citiesin 2016, followed by London, Paris and Dubai.

Bangkok is also one of the cities in Asia that offer the most advanced reproductive treatment options. A number of people from China, Japan, Korea and Australia, etc., visit Bangkok to receive fertility treatment at a moderate price.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand which is well known for ornate shrines, floating market and its street life.  It is a large city with over 11 million populations. Bangkok attracts hundereds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. It is a huge modern city surrounded by shrines, temples, shopping centers and street vendors.

The city gives an opportunity to have a unique experience that people do not get to do in East Asia.

Khaosan Road, Wat Phra Kaew temple, Grand Palace, Wat Arun Buddhist temple, Chatuchak Weekend Market are very popular cultural attractions. But the city is also well known for its vibrant streelife and dynamic nightlife.

Thai is definitely passionate about foods. Thai foods such as, Tom Yum Gung, Pad Thai, Som Tam, and Curry are world famous and popular all over the world. Temperatures in Bangkok are generally hot year-round. The rainy season starts around mid-May and lasts until October.

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